Motorola offers a Robust, Powerful, and Efficient Automation Management package. Complete with options of traditional communication options, to unmatched wireless capabilities.  Whether the application is a 15 Acre farm, or a 40 sq. Mile City, Motorola Irrigation has cost effective solutions.

Crest Automation is a Motorola Irrigation (Motoir) support group, and has successfully implemented over 400 installations worldwide since 1995.

Our Solutions Deliver

  1.  Reduced Operations Costs in-Water Usage, Fuel Usage, Energy Usage, Maintenance, and Time Management
  2. Compatibly-Past, Present, and Future Motorola products are all compatible.  So if you have a  MIR 2000 D.C from 1970 paired with a 2012 IRRInet ACE, or an IRRInet XL paired with an IRRInet ACE, your system runs as the latest.
  3. Increased Productivity/Yield- Depending on the application, specific controls with reliable communication results in less time worrying, troubleshooting, and adjusting your irrigation and water distribution system. Specific Controls also ensure your crop yields more of  the land.
  4. User Experience like no other- Were here for you, and we have been, since 1971. Our highly trained staff only goal is to make sure you and your organization are 100% satisfied, and we have delivered what we promised

Authorized Motorola Irrigation Solutions Re-Sellers are around the World.   Crest Automation Supplies, Service’s, and Supports our customers to make certain we deliver. Motorola Water Management Solutions is suited for  Turf, Agriculture, Municipal, and Special Projects.�

Maximize Savings by integrating Irrigation Automation, Lighting Automation, Facility Automation(Locks, Gates, Security Solutions, Fountain Management, and more) with one platform. Same software, and hardware-More cost reduction, and Resources reduction.