Grant Services

The Advantage

Researching and Applying for federal grants is a very long and difficult process. As we have done many grants in the past, our Grant Specialist knows the hurdles, steps, and required information.  Eligibility is a factor as well. Often, individuals or organizations apply for grants, only to find out that they are not eligible, or there solutions is not eligible.

We will streamline the process.  We wont do it for you, just be by your side, helping with paperwork, required information, and proposals for the solution.

Where does Motorola fit in?

Federal Grants is not money to help your organization maintain operations, or provide working capital.  Usually, that is reserved for a loan.  A Federal grant is for a Business, State Entity, Organization or Individual to apply that allocated money for use to benefit the public.  For our customers, we provide solutions that save resources.  Water, Energy, Fuel, and time.  Usually, the grants we provide have Solutions to what the Problem the Grant is Addressing.

How does it work?

It is easy to be eligible for our Grant Services program. If you meet two of any of the below requirements, your approved!

  • ·       Significantly interested in procuring in the near future a Water Management System, from Motorola Water Management

  • ·       Have an existing Motorola system and would like to expand or upgrade in the near future

  • ·        Need help with a Grant because, frankly, it is a route with no map

Please email and explain to us which requirements (Must meet a minimum of 2) you meet.  We are happy to help!


Federal Money can be a great aid to organizations of all sizes and areas to improve on operations, and reduce costs.  Most grants are a match funds requirement. This means, of the total cost of the upgrade/improvement, you/your organization must cover at least 50% of the total costs out of your own pocket. 

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We assist in the entire process, but the funds (if approved) are not sent to us.  They are given directly to you. There is no cost to use our service.