Crest Automation Offers our Customers a Variety of Services to better serve you.

Grant Services-

A Federal Grant Specialist from Crest Automation will assist you and your organization in obtaining Federal Money.  Usually, the grant is for upgrading, or expanding potential or existing customers Motorola System

Water Auditing-

If you are interested in upgrading to Motorola, or to the latest generation, you want to know your Return on Investment, or ROI. We have a outside Professional Water Auditor, to prevent any biased findings or proposals. If you decide to purchase Motorola, we will reimburse the cost of the Water Audit. If not, well you have a full, complete, and very helpful report on how to improve your existing system.

Repair Shop-

Whether you have a downed Motorola Controller, or other brand, you need your Automation working 100%.  For Motorola Customers, we’ll make sure you have a replacement within days, while we repair or replace your defective one. If you are not a customer of Motorola, we provide emergency integration Leases to ensure your operations continue to run smoothly.

Engineering & Design-

Every application is unique.  So are our solutions.  Design and Engineering goes hand in hand with Motorola Water Management.  We will maximize Savings, and ensure a rapid ROI.

Grants, water cnservation Grants

  Þ    Funds are generally to benefit the public.  From Resource management (Less resources used), to helping schools improve facilities

Þ    Organizations applying for funds need to provide the required service or product, or need to utilize that money to procure what is addressed in the Synopsis.