Aquaflex Moisture Sensors

AQUAFLEX soil moisture meters are unique sensors that measure both soil moisture and soil temperature. They are 3m (10′) long flexible tapes that are laid in the root zone (or wherever you wish to measure).

An AQUAFLEX soil moisture meter overcomes the problems associated with measuring the soil moisture content at one point only and in a relatively small amount of soil.

AQUAFLEX measures soil conditions moisture over a 3-metre (10′) length and a total volume of 6 litres of soil. This is extremely valuable given the inherent variability of soil (even in well prepared plots) and the non-uniformity of water application etc.

Motorola Irrigation Control Systems can now provide all the benefits of accurate soil moisture measurement by the integration of the AQUAFLEX Soil Moisture Measurement System.

With the AQUAFLEX sensors directly connected to the Motorola Field Units all Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature (and optional Air Temperature – if fitted) data can be displayed and trended on the Motorola ICC PC.