V2 Scorpio

This is an AC or DC powered remote unit. The Scorpio-V2 has all the features of a Scorpio yet allows two units, standing side by side to share a single radio: which then communicates with the IRRinet using VHF or UHF radio links. The unit is available without a radio for stand alone operation. The Scorpio-V2 has eight solid state outputs and two digital inputs; this can be expanded to sixteen solid state outputs and four digital inputs.
The Scorpio-V2 is designed to operate a single irrigation main line, which may include: main valve (or pump) water meter, filter battery, fertilizer pump, fertilizer meter, and stations (irrigation valves). The user may modify the system configuration at any time, according to its field conditions.
Scorpio~V2~AC: 110/220 VAC powered with 24 VAC for valve and relay outputs.
Scorpio~V2-DC: 12 VDC powered with 24 VDC to power latching solenoids and latching relays.


• Stand Alone program supports engineering units for quantity and flow rate measurements.
• Auto-switch between communication mode and stand alone mode after loss of communication link to the host Irrinet unit.
• 16 Program lines.