Piccolo XR

The Piccolo-XR RTU is a small sized unit consists of electronic board packed in an IP66 waterproof plastic enclosure.
The unit operates up to 4 solenoids and receives up to 7 inputs (in different models). The Piccolo-XR also has analog I/O options.
The Piccolo-XR communicates via a two-way low-power radio with the PIU (Piccolo Interface Unit) which is attached to the IRRInet-XL, and with other Piccolo-XR units, for a distance of approximately 1 km, depending on the topography and antenna installation.


Maximum of I/O an Irrinet XL or XM can handle through Piccolo XR’s:

256 Solenoid Outputs
256 Inputs
32 Analog Outputs
32 Analog Inputs


External 6 VDC battery

I/O Options:

1 solenoid output + I digital input
2 solenoid outputs + 2 digital inputs
4 solenoid outputs ÷ 4 digital inputs
7 digital inputs ÷ I solenoid output
1 analog input
1 analog output