The MOSCAD Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) provides a data collection and processing unit with the intelligence required to operate in sophisticated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Communications via two-way radio, digital microwave radio, Ethernet and wireline is supported.

Local Intelligence

MOSCAD is a microprocessor-based RTU with large memory capacity that can make control decisions on-site based on status conditions and values from local and remote sources. Local intelligence permits control decisions without the need for real-time messages from other supervisory centers; MOSCAD can operate in sophisticated control systems.

CPU and I/O modules

The CPU module contains the microprocessor and associated RAM/ROM to control the connected l/O modules, the radio, and the communication ports. Critical applications will benefit by the addition of a second, redundant CPU module with auto-switchover should the primary CPU fail. All core functions, including system, application, and communication software, are contained in this module.

Digital and analog input, digital and analog output and combination input/output modules are available for those on-site inputs and outputs. The digital input module includes high-speed counter capability. The relays on the digital output modules provide either momentary or latch operation.


• Water distribution and waste water handling
• Public Safety: Siren Control, Fire Station Alerting and Flood Monitoring
• Control and monitoring of any Utility: Oil and gas pipelines
• Electric Power Distribution.
• Rail Road monitoring and control

All of the above done over huge distances where no communication backbone may be available.