Legacy Irrinet

IRRInet provides a common solution to many different irrigation control and monitor requirements, utilizing a modular concept to derive the various input/output (I/O) characteristics.  Common to all models, the IRRInet basic model consists of a motherboard mounted underneath a rack or chassis with slots. Each slot accepts a module, with 4 total slots. The first slot is always taken up by the IRRInet Super CPU, providing the local programming logic to drive the I/O’s as well as supporting the various radio and line communication options.  Note that a 6 slot chassis option is available through Motorola Service Providers that provides 5 slots for I/O modules.

Depending on the specific I/O requirements, the remaining three module slots may be loaded with any one of the following, in any combination:

• IRRInet AC I/O Module -switching 24 VAC to independently wired field valve solenoids and/or relays. Each module provides 16 outputs and 4 digital (dry contact) inputs.
• IRRInet-SC I/O Module -provides an interface via a 2-wire cable to Motorola’s Piccolo RTU’s (remote terminal unit), supporting up to 63 RTU’s per module, for a total of 63 outputs and 126 inputs per SC module.
• IRRInet-DC I/O Module -intended for use with 2-wire 24 VDC latching solenoids, each module provides 16 outputs and 4 digital (dry contact) inputs.
• MOSCAD 16 DI Module -provides 16 digital inputs.