Irrinet XM-XL

The IRRInet-XM Field Unit is provided for sites that require many I/O modules. It is available either in a 6-slot motherboard, NEMA-4 enclosure (5 I/O modules), or in an 8-slot motherboard, 19” rack mounting (supporting 7 to 67 I/O modules).
The basic processor module (CPU) of the IRRInet-XM is a real time process controller that supports bus communication with I/O modules, system memory allocation, system parameter/logic programming, and communication port control. It is equipped with on-board FLASH memory for the application and SRAM for data and parameters. A real-time clock (RTC) with year, month, date, day, hour, minutes, second and milliseconds is supported.



Part of the ICC System

The Irrinet XM/XL is compatible with the ICC (Irrinet Control Center), and also compatible with the Irrinet field units.

Variety of Modules 

Up to 3 Modules per unit (XL Only).

AC Module — I 6 outputs, 2 inputs
DC Module — 8 outputs, 8 inputs
SC Module — operates 63 Piccolo RTUs
Al Module — 8 analog inputs
AC Module — 4 analog outputs Irrinet XM
Dl Module — dry contact/ voltage inputs
DO Module — relay I solid-state outputs

Power Options

115/230 VAC
12 VDC
Features and Capacity

500 Outputs (valves, pumps etc.)
500 Inputs (water meters, sensors etc.)
100 Main Lines
400 Irrigation Programs
400 Fertilizing pumps Irrinet XL
100 Filter Batteries
Unlimited stations per program
Unlimited fertilizing pumps per
program and more…

More Communication Options

Two-Way conventional UHF/VHF radios
Two-Way Trunked radios
Dial-up Phone
Cellular Phone
Multidrop Wireline
IP Communications
lMl000 (iDEN)
RS-232 Interface
RS-485 Interface
Store and Forward Communications

The lRRlnet-XL may operate not only as a field unit, but also as a Data Repeater, allowing the creation of Field Units Network, and thus eliminating the need for additional radio repeater.

Local Access with a PC

For both systems, with and without ICC (Programming Tool), a direct connection to any field unit is allowed from anywhere in the “network”.

Housing Options

Small plastic (outdoor) box (XL only).
Large NEMA plastic box (with chassis).
Metal chassis (wall Mount).