Irrinet M

A full featured part of the IRRInet control system, IRRInet-M supports three modes of operations:


• RTU – Performing all irrigation functions, reporting to the IRRInet Control Center (ICC).
• Stand Alone – Performing all irrigation functions as a stand-alone unit when the system is installed without an ICC.
• Remote I/O – Serving as a distributed I/O for another unit that performs all irrigation functions (applicable when multi-site control synchronization is needed).

With DIOS connectivity, the IRRInet-M can activate Piccolo-XR units with its PIU functionality. On site programming is supported by pocket PC connectivity.

Available in both AC and DC models, installation options include wall mount or DIN-rail mounting.
I/O Capacity (AC and DC)

• Basic Board: 12 outputs, 4 inputs
• Expansion: 12 outputs, 4 inputs

Software Capacity (AC and DC)

• 250 Outputs
• 250 Inputs
• 125 Main lines
• 200 Programs
• 200 Groups
• 25 Virtual meters
• 50 Fertilizer pumps
• 100 Remote I/O units (IRRInet-M slaves)

Communication Ports (AC and DC)

• Port #1: RS232 or RS485
• Port #2: RS232
• Port #3: Radio or line

LED Display (AC and DC)

• 20 LED’s for status display and service.

AC Model Power Source

• 24 VAC – this will operate the whole unit including 24 VAC solenoids.
• 12 VDC – when connected, will operate the unit and will activate the internal relay outputs.

New Analog I/O Feature

4 ANALOG INPUTS: 4-20 mA OR 0-5 V (selectable by Jumper)
1 ANALOG OUTPUT: 0-20 mA OR 0-5 V (selectable by output)
3 DIGITAL WET INPUTS (i.e. sensor with dry contacts need external wetting voltage).