Irrinet ACE

Today, more than ever, water and irrigation applications depend on reliable control systems and well timed access to information. When absolute control is crucial, you can rely on Motorola’s IRRInet control system.
As a full featured part of the IRRInet control system, IRRInet-ACE is a modular field unit with a power supply, CPU and up to eight I/O modules.

Greater installation flexibility is provided with support for 3rd party sensors and PLC units as well as multiple communication options including broadband data over IP, various radio frequencies, cellular and an assortment of wireline options. This level of flexibility makes it suitable for new installations and easily migrates into existing IRRInet systems.

With DIOS connectivity, the IRRInet-ACE can activate Piccolo-XR units with its PIU functionality. On site programming is supported by pocket PC connectivity.

Installation options include metal frames such as 19″ rack and NEMA-4 metal housing.


IRRInet ACE in NEMA enclosure


Cost Effective Water Control System Suitable for Various Applications:

• Water distribution
• Municipal water control
• Agricultural control systems
• Turf/landscape systems
Wired and wireless communications options
Multilingual software: Change language on the fly
Effective alarm system: Supports paging and SMS
Remote manual commands
Real-time and historical trends data logger
Tariff/Time (TATI) water accumulation programs
Fully Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Operate previous generation products and new products in the same system
• Up to eight I/O modules may be connected to the IRRInet-ACE; digital inputs (16, 32), digital input/digital outputs (16, 32), digital output (8, 16, EE or ML), analog input (8, 16) and variety of mixed I/O modules
Software Capacity
• 500 Outputs
• 500 Inputs
• 250 Main lines
• 400 Programs
• 400 Groups
• 50 Virtual meters
• 50 Fertilizer pumps
• 100 Remote I/O units (IRRInet-M slaves)

One of the following available options:

• 12 V DC low tier (simple 12 VDC connection)
• 10.5-16 V DC (default)
• 18-72 V DC
• 18-72 V DC with 12V battery charger
• 85-264 V AC
• 85-264 V AC with 12V battery charger
Communication Ports
• Port #1 (optional plug-in): Radio, RS232, RS485 or Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s
• Port #2: Configurable RS232 or RS485
• Port #3: RS232
• Port #4: Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s, (on CPU 3640 only)
• Port #5: (optional plug-in) radio modem, RS232, RS485 or Ethernet 10 Mb/

Why Motorola?

Motorola has, for the past seventy-five years, been one of the world’s leading providers of electronic components, Radio Frequency (RF) solutions and communications systems. For over three decades, Motorola has been providing reliable wireless water and irrigation control systems and now has over hundred thousand installations worldwide, in a wide range of applications. With global distribution and service centers, Motorola experts are close to customer systems with integration services and training. The IRRInet System combines Motorola’s technology leadership with proven reliability through local support teams.
Expanded I/O Available Now!