Irrinet Control Center

Today more than ever, water and irrigation applications depend on reliable control systems and well-timed access to information. When absolute performance is crucial, you can rely on Motorola, a world-class provider of top-notch equipment.

Motorola ICC (lRRlnet Control Center) SCADA Software, part of the market-leading lRRlnet family, is a comprehensive solution to customer requirements, providing easy-to-use and “best value for money” SCADA software for remote control systems.


Advanced security: only authorized personnel may access the system.
Multilingual software.
Comprehensive programming and scheduling tools.
Efficient alarm system, supporting paging and SMS.
Remote manual commands via SMS and DTMF.
Real-time and historical trends.
Reliable leak detection.
Tariff/Time (TATI) water accumulation.
Supports multiple projects.



• Water allocation and metering
• Soil Data (Tensionmeter and other soil probes)
• Reservoir/Pond balancing, monitoring and control
• Soluble fertilizer (fertigation) allocation – single or multiple simultaneous fertigation
• Fertigation metering – single or multiple simultaneous fertigation
• Pump activation and moitoring – both electric and natural gas/diesel fueled pumps
• Canal and canal gate monitoring and control – Electric motorized butterfly valve control
• Filter backflush
• Security/Gate control, locking of public restrooms after hours which also includes lighting control for recreation facilities