ICC PRO brings user interface, flexibility, remote access, and flexibility into one powerful software Platform that enables the user to Control and Automate what they want, while having us Build a custom user program and experience.

ICC PRO Software

ICC PRO (IRRInet Control Center) Software


The ICC Pro is a new and innovative software with brand new design and architecture, created with advanced up-to-date development tools. It serves as a remote water and irrigation management tool and is an integral part of the renowned Motorola IRRInet system.

ICC Pro Provides:

• Reliable, centralized and total remote management solution for agriculture irrigation, turf and landscape irrigation and water distribution applications

• Accurate and timely operation of water-related processes

• Real-time performance analysis and status reporting for all field components

• Instant detection of system failures and selective SMS/Email reporting to on-duty operators or group of users

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ICC Pro Main Features:

• Comprehensive programming abilities

• Irrigation schedule based on quantity, time and a combination of quantity and time

• Highly intuitive and easily customized Graphical User Interface (GUI)

• Powerful reporting tool which collects, archives and delivers customized operational data from remote sites

• Sensor inputs are automatically logged and data may be displayed in trends

• Set points may be pre-defined to start, pause, resume or stop according to conditions and programs

• Monitoring of inlets and outlets on the distribution’s mains, indicating any substantial difference in flow

• Powerful rule-based expert system providing decision rules

• Custom events are automatically logged and reported by the system, alerting users of any system failure

and other critical events

• SMS/Email dispatch to mobile devices

• OPC Client to connect to local and remote OPC servers (e.g. GIS, SCADA)

• Client–Server architecture

• Flexible multilevel password authorization – from entire area down to a single element level

• .NET framework and MS SQL database

• Multilingual capability in programming and operating thanks to Unicode support allowing the use

of different alphabets

• Windows® 7 & 8 compatible